From the anime KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World! (この素晴らしい世界に祝福を!)

Fast Facts

First debut: Fanime 2017
Time to create: about a month



Konosuba is my favorite anime as of this writing, and I absolutely love being this “crazy-headed” explosion-obsessed girl! Almost everything in this cosplay is homemade or heavily modified. The hat is a custom creation of felt, bias tape, and hand-dyed fur, with giant button-case covers serving as the button eyes. The wig is based on a Jaguar from Arda Wigs in Natural Black (now called Deep Brown), with some wefts added in the front. The cape is likewise made of felt and attached to the stretch-knit dress with magnets. The neck and waist belts are cut from some scrap leather I had and dyed black. The buckles are salvaged from an old boot and an Amazon belt, respectively. The black “sock” is cut from the leg of some black leggings, and the leg wrap is made of muslin strips. The boots were originally over-the-knee and a light tan. I dyed them orange and trimmed and folded the tops down, hand-sewing in some deerskin trim.

The staff ends are carved from rigid pink insulation foam, then coated in Black Worbla (a thermoplastic) and attached to a PVC pipe. The ball is a clear plastic Christmas ornament painted red, and is suspended in the center of the staff with fishing line. The line attaches to little eye hooks in the staff made from old needles. Finally, the yellow stripes are just extra trim left over from the cloak, and the cloth on the handle is a boxing hand wrap.

For the bikini version (based on a Good Smile figurine), I started with a black ruffle bikini from Amazon and sewed in the red straps and bow. The arm wraps are made of cotton gauze sewn to a stretchy backing, so they slide on like arm bands. The leg wraps are also gauze, but actually wrapped. I reused the hat but made a new cape out of a quicker-drying synthetic, which attaches to the straps of the bikini with the ties I removed from the original black bikini.