Hey choom! You ready to hit the streets of Night City? It’s dangerous to go alone- take this template first, and make your very own Militech M-10AF Lexington for protection. No telling what might happen out there, so be prepared!

Pack includes detailed top and side view PDF templates for the Militech M-10AF Lexington pistol from Cyberpunk 2077, full-color renders from CD Projekt RED’s public references, plus .PNG and .SVG logos for Militech and IRO industries as featured on the weapon in-game.

For my own rendition of the pistol, I used 2 layers of 10mm high-density EVA foam for the main shape, then added wraps and details using 2, 3, and 6mm foam and a bit of foam clay for the grip and to fill any gaps. Make yours out of whatever floats your boat- but be sure to tag me so I can see what you’ve built!