3D print your very own chakram with these 3D print files! Package contains 2 .STL files compatible with most 3D printer programs, one for each side of the chakram. There are 16 holes in the bottom for 1/16″ (1.5mm) diameter by 1/4″ (3-3.5mm) length dowel pins, and 18 gem settings for 12mm (1/2 in) coin shell beads. I got my pins from McMaster-Carr and my shell beads from Amazon.

3D PRINT FILES ONLY! You need to print, assemble, and paint the item.

INSTRUCTIONS: Print both files flat on your printer. Glue each pin in place on one side with epoxy or super glue, then put a tiny dab of glue in the opposite hole. Make sure the gem settings and pin holes line up, and press both sides together. If the pins won’t go in, you may need to drill the holes a little bit wider with a 1/16″ drill bit. (Sometimes holes shrink when printing.) Clamp until dry.