When cosplayers are just starting out, shopping can be daunting. We use some pretty specific stuff and it’s never available all in one store- if it’s available in stores at all! Cosplayers also tend to latch onto brand names (Sintra, PlastiDip), scientific names (EVA, PVA glue) or even just “industry” names (pink foam, foam clay) that only other cosplayers use. It can be tricky even for store employees to understand what you’re looking for or if they have it, maybe just under a different name. Then, even if you find a store that carries it- is it high quality? Finding vendors you trust can be a challenge, too.

Because of this, people often ask me where I get this or that material. For supplies- especially some of the weirder supplies- I thought I’d compile a list of some of my favorite places to shop. I am located in the United States, so if you live elsewhere make sure to check the shipping policies.

Please note that I am not endorsed or sponsored by any of these stores. Inclusion or exclusion does not mean one store is better than another. This is honestly just where I buy my stuff!

EVA Foam

TNT Cosplay Supplytntcosplaysupply.com/shop/
Amazonhonestly I buy large packs of Darice-brand 2mm and 3mm craft foam sheets for details and they’re great


LA Fabric District fashiondistrict.org/shop/fabric-and-notions-directoryI am lucky enough to live outside of LA, home to the US’s largest fabric importer district, so I get a lot of stuff here!
Fabrics-store.comfabrics-store.com/great for affordable linens for all your historical costumes, summer dresses, and… napkins, I guess
Spoonflowerspoonflower.com/this invaluable vendor lets you upload custom designs to be printed onto fabric. Amazing for costumes with very specific, hard to find patterns!
Joann Fabricsthe old mainstay. Fabric is usually very overpriced but hey, you can have it immediately!

Foam Clay

TNT Cosplay Supplytntcosplaysupply.com/shop/it’s called C4 – Cosplay Creative Clay Compound

Leather, leather tools, rivets / grommets / buckles etc.

Tandy Leathertandyleather.com/
Xtrims and Leather (LA Fabric District)xtrimsandleathers.com/
Mood Fabricsmoodfabrics.com/leather

Pink Foam

Home Depot / Lowesthey now also sell 2’x2′ “project sheets” which are perfect for cosplayers and fit nicely in the trunk of my hatchback.

Plastic (Acrylic, Sintra, HDPE, LDPE, ABS, Polycarbonate)

TAP Plasticstapplastics.com/ – they carry Sintra by its “science” name, Foamed PVC: tapplastics.com/product/plastics/plastic_sheets_rolls/foamed_pvc_sheets/342
Home Depot / Lowesthey carry polycarbonate sheets and some thin acrylic sheets

Spray Paint

Home Depot / Lowesespecially for PlastiDip. Home Depot also carries “FlexiDip” which is okay in a pinch
Blick Artwww.dickblick.com/products/montana-gold-acrylic-professional-spray-paints/ I absolutely love Montana Gold. It’s pricey but it comes in a million colors.


Arda Wigsarda-wigs.com/
Epic Cosplay Wigsepiccosplay.com/


Home Depot / Lowes
Woodcraftwoodcraft.com/ – great for specialty wood and specialty hardware, like weird hinges or mechanisms